Shipping Mistake

Well, I developed a major case of the Dumb Ass a few days ago. I ordered parts to upgrade the steering box and linkage from CJ Pony Parts after getting an email from them about a great Labor Day sale. Saved roughly 10% vs. their already competitive prices, plus free shipping – hooray! However, I didn’t realize that I had not updated by account information since we had moved from Illinois to Colorado. As a result, 70 pounds of auto parts were delivered to our old address in Frankfort, IL!

So, I reached out to our old neighbor and got the phone number of the lady who purchased our home. When we finally connected, I learned that she was going to be out of state for the Labor Day weekend….ugh! Ended up getting our old neighbor, Bob, to grab the packages and put new UPS shipping labels on them for me. Arranged for the packages to be picked up and shipped to me in Estes Park.

Bottom line – packages should arrive next week – but at an added cost of $122. So much for the Labor Day sale.

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